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التوصيل حسب المكان : التوصيل حسب المكان


Hello Hair Hydrating Mask is pHello Hair Hydrating Mask is packed full of 100% natural ingredients. Our very special Island Escape Edition is also enhanced with natural botanicals for a fragrance that will transport you to a tropical paradise.

So say goodbye to the crazy chemical compounds that exist in commercial hair care product, and say hello to hair that is healthier, naturally!

We've made this edition NUT FREE so our friends with nut allergies no longer have to miss out on hydrating their locks.

عرض للمشتري

ماسك للعناية بالشعر بسعر 70 ريال والتوصيل 30 داخل الدوحة وخارج الدوحة المندوب يحدد السعر



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